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Attention Loyal Customers:

Moog Inc. would like to inform you that the Moog S3 business has been sold to Quickset Defense Technologies, LLC.  The transfer of ownership occurred on September 20, 2022.  

Moog Inc. will maintain this website on behalf of Quickset Defense Technologies, LLC until is live.  You are now doing business with Quickset Defense Technologies.  



Featured Products

Taurus-R® Camera System

The latest evolution of the Taurus-R Camera System suite incorporates an industry-leading dual HD-SDI slip ring, allowing two channels of uncompressed video accompanying the co-located radar. This full resolution, latency-free video is ideal in applications where reaction time is critical, such as object tracking. This system can also be configured for IP video depending on mission requirements.

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MPT-RF Positioner

The MPT-RF series of Pan & Tilt Positioners employ RF Rotary Joint technology for management of radio frequency signals along with the enhanced electronics offered with our latest generation of control electronics.. These rugged antenna positioners support a wide range of antenna sizes, and utilize integrated dual isolated channels of RF pass-through signals. 

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