Electrical Grid Networks, Distribution Lines, and Power Generation Stations - often unmanned and located away from heavily populated areas - are easy targets for vandalism and terrorism if not properly protected. 

A layered approach to critical infrastructure security is recommended. Surveillance is key both inside facilities - to monitor equipment; and also looking outward, “beyond the fence” - to monitor oncoming threats. Thermal, High Definition (HD) and Illumination/Spot Lighting technology allow security personnel to monitor outer perimeters and detect obscure activity, in advance. Camera lowering devices offer a true birds eye view with a convenient camera maintenance solution for cameras mounted up to 80 feet.

Dual Systems

Dual integrated sensor systems for day/night, real-time surveillance.

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EXO GeminEye HD / Thermal Camera

Dual Imaging offers HD Daylight and Thermal imaging cameras.

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EXO Corrosion Resistant HD Camera

Captures HD video while meeting NEMA TS2 standards.

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EXO Fixed HD Camera

Available in vandal resistant and pressurized models.

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