Product Categories

Whether designing new products for challenging markets or customizing current products to help solve a specific problem, the Moog S3 team is uniquely qualified to deliver solutions that will meet your needs

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Camera Systems

Moog offers a wide range of camera systems including: PTZ network camera systems, single or dual PTZ analog systems, and customized visible and thermal systems.

Positioner Based Systems

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Pan & Tilt Positioners

Moog has established a reputation for reliable and durable positioners suitable for a broad range of markets and uses. Moog pan and tilt positioners are designed to handle payloads requiring up to 500 foot pounds (lb-ft) of elevation torque, with the precision and accuracy required by the most demanding applications.

Heritage Products

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Ultra Stable Tripods

With over 75 years of experience designing and manufacturing tripod supports and positioning systems, Moog has earned the reputation for unsurpassed performance and reliability. As the leader in instrument support and positioning systems we offer a variety of tripods, heads and accessories to meet the challenging demands of industrial, military and custom solutions.

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Save money, time and labor with the innovative Moog PolEvator. One technician, using a standard drill, can quickly, easily and safely service or repair pole-mounted cameras without the need for high-reach devices, such as bucket trucks, ladders or multiple technicians