The Samson tripod series focuses on precision manufacturing, detailed assembly, and quality parts. The Samson’s sturdy construction makes it ideal for industrial use.

  • Payload capacity up to 90 lbs
  • Anodized tubular construction guarantees years of reliable service
  • Adapters and heads for any sensor payload
  • 4-73010-7B
  • 4-73500-7B
  • 4-74425-6A
  • 4-74500-6
4-72011-6B Samson Friction Head with Counterbalance Spring
4-72512-3 Samson Geared Photography Head
4-72612-S3 Samson Geared Movie Head
6-15004-9 Spike & Ball Foot Kit for 4-73500-7 (Set of 3)


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