Customized Solutions

Our value proposition to customers provides creative, unique and durable solutions rapidly tailored to meet their requirements using components and subsystems with a high degree of commonality leveraged across multiple products and applications. We will work with you to design custom solutions and our engineers will act as an extension of your staff allowing them to focus on their core competencies and serve as a force multiplier for your staff.

Customizable Solutions

Security and surveillance are critical 24/7 operations that cannot afford downtime no matter what visibility, terrain or environmental challenges are present. A well designed integrated sensor imaging system is your best defense in protecting your assets.

Moog is an industry leader in integrated sensor systems for a wide range of markets and mission critical applications. Our strategy is to supply customizable sensor solutions that are robust, reliable and highly supportable, that provide the best possible protection of your assets:

  • Highly ruggedized
  • Quality and durable products reduce cost of ownership
  • Various payload integration
  • Built to withstand extreme environments
  • Quick change modules with true plug-and-play performance
  • Excellent performance in challenging terrains

Moog S3 solution include the following:

  • Non-Lethal Deterrents Active Imaging/ Communications Devices* Additional Integrateable Options*
  • Acoustic Hailers Radar Systems and RF Antenna Pointing Chem-Bio Sensors
  • Directed Communication Slew to Cue Radar and GPS Systems Radiation Sensors
  • Dazzler Point to Point Microwave Threat Detection
  • High-Intensity Illumination Scanning Systems Threat Classification
  • Command and Control of Unmanned Systems Chemical Cloud Detection
  • Satellites Lighting Systems