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Border Security

Moog understands the demand for constant vigilance in matters regarding border protection. High-definition and/or thermal imaging network cameras and sensor systems designed to rugged Mil-STD specifications provide lasting visibility in otherwise unfavorable, low-light conditions.

Purpose engineered pan/tilt positioners enhance the capabilities of these long range camera systems by providing unmatched precision on a wide range of targets.  Man portable units are available for rapid deploy operations. Moog designs customizable, layered surveillance systems, tailored to any homeland security need.


Lycos® Video Tracking System

The Lycos Long Range Precision Tracking System is specially designed to provide best-in-class tracking of targets at long range. The system  provides high-definition EO/IR cameras with simultaneous video output for the detection, recognition and identification of targets at any time day or night.

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Mercury Camera System

Moog’s Mercury camera system is the perfect solution for capturing video at medium ranges. The system is a purpose built package with a mid wave infrared (MWIR) sensor using a continuous zoom 550 mm optic, a 785 mm optic and a 500mm continuous zoom near infrared (NIR) sensitive day/night camera.

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Taurus®-R Positioner

The Taurus®-R pan-tilt positioner is engineered to properly handle co-located radars with EO/IR and other sensors, thereby minimizing the overall product footprint without sacrificing the capability of the system. Designed to endure your harshest mobile or stationary applications, including on ground vehicles, trailers, and towers, this product offers extended field life with maximum system uptime. 

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Border Security Overview