In a time of shrinking transportation budgets, and increased congestion, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) surveillance solutions must work right out of the box, and they must survive over time. Crisp images that are accessible by authorized personnel 24/7 and from any location are a standard for transportation authorities. Moog engineers design solutions that are certified to meet the industries’ exacting standards. Moog has delivered thousands of cameras, enclosures, power and mounting accessories to the transportation market. A nationwide traffic distributor and representative network ensures Moog surveillance products work every time, on time, and as promised, so that transportation officials can keep traffic moving and people safe.

EXO GeminEye HD Camera

Dual Imaging offers HD Daylight and Thermal imaging cameras.

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MIMO Wireless Solution

Ensures accuracy and reliability of data connectivity.

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Fusion Pressurized Housing

IP67 rating protects electronics from dust and water.

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