Oil & Gas

Critical assets and resources, such as oil and gas, require 24/7 surveillance to detect outside threats and prevent potentially catastrophic events.  Moog provides solutions to reduce the risk of economic loss and human injury at critical exploration and production sites. 

Explosion proof cameras are ideal for continuous, uncompromised surveillance in these types of hazardous environments.  In addition, thermal imaging allows visibility in inclement weather and even total darkness, a benefit in any high-risk situation.  Uninterrupted power to surveillance equipment is also essential in maintaining site safety, the EcoKit offers an unprecedented option for system efficiency in remote locations.  Moog engineers can tailor a comprehensive detection, surveillance, and control system to meet the needs of the  oil and gas industry.


Pan & tilt with RF rotary jont technology for management of radio frequency signals.

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EXO GeminEye HD / Thermal Camera

Provides rugged durability and superior optics.

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MIMO Wireless Solution

Ensures accuracy and reliability of data connectivity.

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