Perimeter Security

Moog perimeter solutions are engineered to meet the challenges of terrain, climate, and target characteristic/type.  Moog pan, tilt, zoom (ptz) cameras and integrated sensor systems can be incorporated into a border security and surveillance scheme with radars and other sensors in a slew-to-cue mode.

Highly versatile pan/tilt positioners allow users and integrators to take full advantage of the range of sensors available for border protection, including thermal imagers, daylight cameras, laser designators, laser range-finders, illuminators, acoustic devices and GPS receivers. Geo-referenced front end software is offered with intuitive controls and recording features.

A layered surveillance approach yields the highest success rate, combining unattended ground sensors, ground-based radar and remote thermal imaging.


Pan & tilt with RF rotary joint technology for management of radio frequency signals.

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EXO GeminEye HD / Thermal Camera

Provides rugged durability and superior optics.

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QPT 50

Analog pan and tilt positioner able handle payloads up to 50 lb-ft of torque. Customize with cameras, antennae or other sensors.

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QPT 35

VersatilePan and tilt positioner able handle payloads up to 35lb-ft of torque.

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MIMO Wireless Solution

Ensures accuracy and reliability of data connectivity.

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