Fusion Camera Housing (Thermiq)

The rugged, ergonomic and technologically-advanced Fusion Camera Housing Line of professional-grade environmental enclosures protects fixed IP cameras and allows them to thrive at peak performance over a longer life. Adaptable to a multitude of outdoor and indoor surveillance applications, the Fusion Line offers a high-performance, modern solution for optimal camera protection and ease of installation.

Six primary platform models in the Fusion Line address multiple surveillance needs and technology requirements. The flagship of the series features innovative Thermiq™ Cooling Technology (FCH11C2WQ) which is ideal for surveillance applications in cities, on highways, or in any extreme heat environment. Thermiq Technology keeps cameras closer to ambient temperature by flowing warm internal air and cool external air over a heat sink designed for maximum efficiency. Through this device, heat generated by leading IP cameras and sun radiation is evacuated from the housing allowing sensitive IP camera electronics to operate more reliably in harsh environments.

The Fusion family also includes a Power over Ethernet (PoE) model with patent pending Dynamic Power Allocation™ (DPA) technology. Moog proprietary DPA technology offers intelligent power distribution between the camera and the heater and blower system. DPA prioritizes incoming power so that successful camera operation is guaranteed across a full range of operating conditions.

All Fusion models are designed to be rugged. The IP66 rated housing is engineered of resilient polycarbonate material specifically designed to resist UV damage and stand up to the elements. Equipped with a wire-feed-through wall mount comprised of cast aluminum materials, Fusion camera enclosures completely protect wiring. ThermiqTM Technology removes up to 75% of heat generated by the camera and solar energy keeping the internal housing temperature closer to ambient.

Ergonomics also played a key role in the engineering of the Fusion Line. Each model includes purpose-built features such as a side-hinged, easy-access lid, a snap-in camera sled, and a wire-feed-through wall/pole mount that allows the housing to tilt forward for easy wire pulls: all designed to ensure simple and efficient installation.  These features allow cameras to be installed in seconds.

The fixed Fusion Line is built on the successful foundation of the original professional-grade Fusion Line – a camera enclosure series designed for compatibility with most leading IP and analog camera manufacturers. Check out the FusionDome (FDW75) for PTZ applications and Pressurized FusionDome(PFD7) for serious IP67 protection. Thermiq models include ‘Q’.

  • Meets NEMA Type 4X and IP66 standards
  • IK10 impact rated
  • Accommodates wide-angle lenses up to 135º
  • Adjustable sunshield (“Y” models)
  • 24vac or 12vdc input, heater & blower
  • Hinged wall mount allows for easy installation
  • Standard wall / pole mount (no adapters needed)
  • Optional sunshield, and aluminum ceiling mount brackets available
  • PoE or 12/24v input model
  • Supports PoE Plus IEEE802.3at and IEEE802.3af compliant cameras
  • True PoE power to the camera (no splitter needed)
  • Automatically adjusts to power loss for long cable runs
  • DPA ensures maximum power to the camera

Thermiq model

  • Air-to-air heat exchanger transfers heat from inside to outside the housing
  • Low-power requirements
  • FCH11C2WQ (Thermiq)
  • FCH11C8WQ (Thermiq)
  • FCH11C4WQ - SM
  • FCH11C4WQ
  • FCH11C4WQ-MM
  • FCH11C8WQE (Thermiq)
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