Fusion Pressurized & Dust-Proof Housings

The Fusion Pressurized and Fusion Dust-Proof tubular camera enclosures protect fixed IP cameras and lenses from debris, chemicals and other contaminants, extending the life of cameras and reducing service calls. Adaptable to a multitude of outdoor surveillance applications, the Fusion Series leverages more than 30 years of camera enclosure engineering into a high-performance, modern solution for optimal camera protection, flexibility and ease of installation.

The rugged Fusion Tubular Housings are constructed of treated aircraft-grade aluminum and 316-stainless steel hardware to protect cameras – even in harsh, corrosive environments. With an IP67-rating, the Fusion Pressurized Housings are able to thrive in hostile environments such as sea ports, food processing plants, transportation, and dusty mining applications. Each pressurized unit includes a specially-engineered 16-pin hermetically-sealed connector for all connections into the housing. A heavy-duty feed through wall/pole mount, with conduit input, protects and conceals wiring.

Design features, including easy access to the camera and all serviceable parts, allow for simplified installation and servicing of the camera and enclosure. Maintenance can be achieved while preserving the camera’s position and viewing angle. Other unique installation features include a rotational camera sled to ensure the desired field of view, a rear access door that allows easy wire installation through the mount, and simple plug-in connections requiring no special tools.

Flexible features include multiple platform models offering options to meet numerous surveillance and technology needs.  Customers can also choose from pressurized or dust-proof styles, each with optional 12/24v input or Power over Ethernet (PoE) Plus, with patent pending Dynamic Power AllocationTM (DPA). Moog proprietary DPA technology offers intelligent power distribution between the camera and the heater and blower system.  DPA prioritizes incoming power so that successful camera operation is guaranteed across a full range of operating conditions.

The fixed Fusion Pressurized and Dust-Proof models are built on the successful foundation of the original professional-grade Fusion Line – a camera enclosure series designed for compatibility with most leading camera manufacturers. Check out the FusionDome (FDW75) for PTZ applications and Pressurized FusionDome (PFD7) for IP67 protection in a PTZ configuration.

  • Meets IP67 and NEMA Type 4X standards
  • Powder coated aluminum and 316 stainless steel hardware
  • Thermostatically controlled heater, with continuous blower
  • 5-7psi pressure relief valve eliminates over pressurization
  • Schraeder valve to fill the housing with Nitrogen or another clean stable gas
  • PoE or 12/24v input model
  • PoE Ready models:
    • PoE Plus IEEE802.3at compliant device / compatible with any PoE, IEEE802.3af camera
    • True PoE power to the camera (no splitter needed for camera)
    • DPA ensures maximum power to the camera with remaining power provided to the H&B
    • Automatically adjusts to power loss for long cable runs
    • Standard wall / pole mount (no pole adapters needed)
    • DPA ensures maximum power to the camera
  • PFH10C2W
  • PFH10C2WY
  • PFH10C8WY
  • DFH10C2W
  • DFH10C2WY
  • DFH10C8WY
FMPFH2 Spec Sheet
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