Taurus®-R Camera System

The latest evolution of the Taurus-R Camera System suite incorporates an industry-leading dual HD-SDI slip ring, allowing two channels of uncompressed video accompanying the co-located radar. This full resolution, latency-free video is ideal in applications where reaction time is critical, such as object tracking. This system can also be configured for IP video depending on mission requirements.

Whether your system is integrated on a vehicle, trailer or fixed site, the Taurus-R system can be configured to suit your specific application requirements. Moog positioners are sensor agnostic, but we do offer several integrated systems that cover ranges consistent with border, mobile and c-UAS operations.   

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  • Reliable, repeatable positioning (0.05°)
  • Wide operating temperature (-32° to +55°C)
  • Built for rugged environments
  • Provisions for co-located radar
  • Dual HD-SDI output
  • Auto focus
  • HD imagery and optics
  • NIR correct optics
  • Fog and haze mitigation
  • Excellent low light performance
  • Cooled 3 to 5 μm MWIR detector
  • Continuous zoom optics 550: (30 to 550 mm) 785: (44 to 785 mm)
  • Auto focus
  • Edge and contrast enhancement
  • Located within electronics interface box
  • Selectable edge, mass and intensity centroid, vector and correlation tracking algorithms for target variability
  • Multi-Target detection, acquisition and track
  • Robust intrusion detection, coast and target recovery
  • Advanced motion compensation filter
  • Zoom lens scaling and correction
  • User text annotation and graphics

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