Lycos Long Range Camera System

Ideal for Border Security Surveillance and c-UAS Measures

The Lycos Long Range Precision Tracking System is specially designed to provide best-in-class tracking of targets at long range. The system provides high-definition EO/IR cameras with simultaneous video output for the detection, recognition and identification of targets at any time day or night.

The system’s modular design is ideal for applications requiring high accuracy and precision, such as Counter-UAS, trajectory analysis, and weapons scoring. The rugged design provides high performance in extreme heat and reliability regardless of environment.

Leveraging 30+ years of system integration experience, Moog has successfully deployed thousands of systems in various configurations to support critical requirements worldwide for military and commercial applications.


  • Simultaneous high definition imagery utilizing visible and thermal cameras with industry-leading imaging processing
  • High performance direct drive motion system provides optimal tracking performance of slow and fast moving targets
  • Real-time, precise output of position angles and range (with optional LRF) to target
  • Rugged design excels in harsh environments
  • Network based design and available SDK provides easy integration with other sensor platforms
  • Supports simultaneous output of HD-SDI and network video
  • Optional equipment available to meet your missions needs: Laser Range Finder, Command/Control Interface


Lycos® Video Tracking Overview


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