Mercury Camera System

Moog’s Mercury camera system is the perfect solution for capturing video at medium ranges. The system is a purpose built package with a mid wave infrared (MWIR) sensor using a continuous zoom 550 mm optic, a 785 mm optic and a 500mm continuous zoom near infrared (NIR) sensitive day/night camera. The Mercury is precision designed to meet vast speed range needs. High speeds allow for rapid target acquisition, while very slow speeds keep the target centered in the frame while at the edge of the optics capabilities.

Leveraging 30+ years of system integration experience, Moog has successfully deployed thousands of systems to support critical requirements worldwide.

  • Reliable, repeatable positioning (0.05°)
  • Wide operating temperature (-32° to +55°C)
  • Built for Rugged Environments
  • Video Tracking Available
  • Auto focus
  • HD imagery and optics
  • NIR correct optics
  • Fog and haze mitigation
  • Excellent low light performance
  • Cooled 3 to 5 μm MWIR detector
  • Continuous zoom optics 550: (30 to 550 mm) 785: (44 to 785 mm)
  • Auto focus
  • Edge and contrast enhancement