EXO GeminEye® and PolEvator™ kit

Dual Camera System and Lowering Pole

Purpose-built for critical applications, the EXO GeminEye EOIR Camera System is paired with Moog’s PolEvator lowering pole for scenarios where operational uptime is paramount. In order to keep down time at a minimum, a single technician can safely and easily lower the camera system for service with just a power drill. Additionally, the EXO GeminEye is a modular system; imager blocks can be adjusted or reconfigured should the needs of your deployment change over time.

The integration of various sensors into your overall surveillance network increases the level of intelligence available to your team.


  • Cost-effective solution eliminates the need for renting expensive bucket trucks and reduces labor requirements
  • Solid construction; designed to reduce or eliminate vibration from strong wind loads up to 150 mph
  • Patented, self-lubricating lowering mechanism, withstands many up-down iterations
  • Quick-change daylight and thermal camera modules with true plug and play performance
  • ONVIF, Milestone & GENETEC API supported
  • Increases safety for technicians and surroundings
  • US Patent #6,447,150 B1