Exo Aria Midwave Camera System

The IP-based EXO Aria Midwave Network Thermal and HD Visible Imaging System is the professional’s choice for capturing brilliant, 1080P full HD video in maritime, transportation, and other high risk applications. As the market presses for more technologically advanced imaging products, the environment these products function in grows increasingly hostile. The EXO Aria Midwave modular pan / tilt imaging system meets the growing demand for high-performance surveillance solutions.

Completely customizable, the EXO Aria Midwave consists of a modular system of imager blocks that can be easily adjusted to accommodate multiple configurations. The dual integrated Moog sensor system offers the best of both worlds for day / night, real-time surveillance. Employing 24/7, clear and accurate observation through difficult environmental challenges significantly enhances detection, identification, and appropriate response to potential threats. The integration of various sensors into your surveillance system increases the level of intelligence available to your team.

  • Cost effective, easy integration
  • Detection in obscured environments
  • 365/24/7 surveillance in challenging environments
  • Scalable to augment existing systems
  • Networked control
  • Integrated H.264 and M-JPEG encoder with real time streaming video
  • Approx. 3.27 Megapixels daylight camera
  • Quick change daylight and thermal camera modules with true Plug and Play performance
  • ONVIF, PSIA (Milestone, ONSSI), and GENETEC API, supported
  • Edge recording (16GB microSDHC Class 10 UHS-I)


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