QPT-RF Series

Antenna positioner

The QPT-RF series of Pan & Tilt Positioners employ RF Rotary Joint technology for management of radio frequency signals. These rugged antenna positioners support a wide range of antenna sizes, frequency bands and one or two isolated channels of RF pass-through signals. Auxiliary sensor loads, such as visible and/or thermal cameras, can be mounted alongside the antenna and are completely supported. Essential for applications including: UAV tracking/ telemetry, satellite communications, radar, GPS and many others.

All RF, video, power and control data cables are pass-through to eliminate cables in motion with the Pan & Tilt making cable management simple, neat, and safe. IP, RS-232 & RS-422, Pelco D Extended, Serial control of the Pan & Tilt and sensors are standard. Serial data and lens controls provide plug-and-play camera load interfaces.

  • Supports antennas from man-portable up to 3-meters.
  • Mulitiple RF channel pass–through from DC up to 18 GHZ.
  • Auxilliary payload support (cameras, laser range finders, laser designator, GPS, etc.)
  • Network ready

System Integration:

  • Antennas (Parabolic/Dish/Patch/Grid)
  • Multi–Spectrum cameras (Visible/NIR/SWIR)
  • Thermal Imagers (LWIR/MWIR)
  • IR and Visible Illuminators
  • HD and Megapixel Cameras
  • Laser Range Finders