Lycos Positioner

Direct Drive Pan & Tilt Positioner

The Lycos direct drive positioner is designed to provide precision motion control for high accuracy applications. It incorporates Moog’s advanced motion control, data transport, and tracking technologies. The positioner’s motion control system is ultra-smooth even at extremely low speeds. Moog’s data transport technology provides the high bandwidth required for modern sensors and connectivity. Integrated electronics provide both video tracking and position tracking of radar and other target cues. Designed and proven to operate in high EMI and harsh temperature environments, the positioner’s modular design can accommodate a wide range of payloads and mounting configurations.


  • High performance direct drive motion system provides optimal tracking performance of fast and slow moving targets
  • Superior reliability backed by a 2-year warranty
  • Ultra-smooth motion with closed loop velocity, position and position tracking modes
  • Rugged design excels in harsh environments
  • Network based design with available SDK provides easy integration
  • 10-Gigabit data link supports modern sensors and connectivity
  • 26-bit absolute encoders provide precision pointing and trajectory measurements

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