Taurus-R Positioner

Mobile Pan & Tilt

The Taurus-R pan-tilt positioner is engineered to properly handle co-located radars with EO/IR and other sensors, thereby minimizing the overall product footprint without sacrificing the capability of the system.

Designed to endure your harshest mobile or stationary applications, including on ground vehicles, trailers, and towers, this product offers extended field life with maximum system uptime. To achieve this, the Taurus-R has been upgraded to incorporate updated control electronics and our Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) along with improved motor drivers. HUMS allows end users to track system runtime, temperatures, and status to afford planned maintenance cycles as opposed to unplanned critical failures.

The most notable achievement of the Taurus-R lies in its Moog-designed slip ring. This new development allows for two channels of HD-SDI video along with the co-located radar. Critical applications require real-time, uncompressed video feeds to assess threats and react accordingly. Taurus-R gives you that capability.


  • RF pass-through turret 
  • Balanced payloads; up to 150 lbs. (total)
  • Fixed or mobile Installations
  • Mil-Spec connectors
  • Marine configuration that meets IP-67 standards 
  • Universal wiring for sensor integration
  • Thermostatically controlled heaters
  • Dual HD-SDI output
  • Health and usage monitoring


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