MIMO Wireless

Moog delivers a complete wireless kitted solution designed to meet the challenging environments faced by most point to point technology. Boasting the latest in multiple-in, multiple-out technology, this MIMO solution ensures accuracy and reliability of data connectivity, so your system will operate with minimal fine tuning at installation, and will require little to no adjustment moving forward. Range, gain, and throughput are also maximized for high resolution video transmission. Clients do not need structured cabling installations in all environments, allowing integrators to limit their time onsite, save labor cost, and deliver spectacular video quality in both line of site (LOS) and non LOS environments.

  • 2.4GHZ for wide rangeĀ 
  • 5.8GHz freqencies for longer range with obstructions between the transmitter and receiver.
  • Plug and play, minimal configuration, easy to use
  • Lightweight transmitter and transceiver use high grade weather-resistant plastics able to withstand highly corrosive environments.
  • Also operates on 802.11 WiFi networks, for local configuration and settings
  • Over 120MB throughput enables multiple High Definition (HD) cameras to stream simultaneously over one connection
  • Affordable and easy to install using the provided camera backbox
  • Compatible with most IP network cameras
  • Custom software interface for setup, troubleshooting, and configuration
PB24M24 Instructions Drawings: DXF PDF
PB24M58 Instructions Drawings: DXF PDF
VLRM24 Instructions
VLRM58 Instructions


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