PolEvator™ Installation at the Federated Department Stores Warehouse

30 December 2011


Security officials at the Federated Department Stores warehouse in Stone Mountain, GA had been experiencing a high level of theft over the past few years. One thief was so brazen as to climb the fence, steal a truck, and drive it through the fence. In early 2002 Service Works was asked to provide an answer to the problem. The solution included installation of seven PolEvator™ PV18 units along the perimeter of the warehouse facility. A unique part of this installation was the installation of lights on some of the poles. A bracket was welded to the pole by the engineering department, and the necessary power was fed up the PolEvator™ through one of the wiring channels built into the pole. Service Works chose the PolEvator™ specifically for its ease of use. Part of the contract with Federated is for servicing of the cameras. Service Works sub-contracts their service work, and wanted to be sure that there would be no delays or added expenses for that activity. Since the PolEvator™ only requires one technician, and the camera can be lowered, the expense of a bucket truck was eliminated and service time was dramatically cut.