PolEvator™ Installation at the Stennis Space Center

30 December 2011


The John S. Stennis Space Center, located in Southern Mississippi, is one of ten NASA field centers. It's the space agency's primary center for testing and flight certifying rocket engines for the U.S. space program. Security has always been of prime importance for the 13,500 acre facility, but in the wake of the 9-11 tragedy it became a top priority. As part of an upgrading of the security infrastructure, officials at the Stennis Center added 14 PolEvator™ PV16s to assist in guarding the perimeter of the facility. Late last year officials at Stennis began an upgrade of the security infrastructure. Because of the vastness of the site it was decided that CCTV should play an important part in the process. These cameras needed to be pole mounted to offer a much wider field of vision. Officials decided to purchase 14 PV16 units as part of the new system going in. The PolEvator's gave security the field of vision needed, but they offered one more decided advantage. Most of the Stennis Center is undeveloped, making some areas difficult to reach without special vehicles. Servicing of cameras mounted on standard poles in these areas would have been difficult - bucket trucks would have a hard time making the trip. But since the PolEvator™ requires only one technician and a drill, the access problem is solved.